Our patronage model

We are in the process of setting up a new kind of online patronage platform specifically for visual artists, art lovers and collectors.

This is what separates our patronage model from that of existing online destinations connecting artists with art lovers:

  • Focus. This will be an online platform exclusively for the visual arts, addressing art lovers/collectors and artists internationally.
  • Curation. This will be a curated platform, ensuring coherence of vision and discoverability for the participating artists.
  • Surprise originals. Art lovers/collectors supporting the work of one or more artists from the platform will be receiving original artworks in the mail from the artist(s) every month, rather than digital perks of any kind. Furthermore, these originals will be a surprise, chosen by the artist for their patron. This will allow the latter to offer support outside the logic of the marketplace, with the artist maintaining their freedom to pursue their artistic vision, while the patron creates an idiosyncratic collection of originals.
  • Bridging the gap between the physical and the digital. It’s a retro kind of platform, bringing back the magic of correspondence.

How it will work for the art lover/patron

Art lovers and collectors will have access to a curated portfolio of visual artists. They will be able to select one or more artists to enter into a patronage relationship with and, depending on their subscription level, will receive one or more physical surprise originals in the mail every month. They will have the satisfaction of amassing an idiosyncratic collection of works by the artist(s) they are supporting while engaging in an exclusive patronage relationship, outside the logic of the marketplace.

How it will work for the artist

Artists will be able to acquire a number of patrons supporting their practice through a monthly subscription. By focusing on physical artworks (small-scale originals) selected by the artist and sent to his/her patrons as a token of thanks for their support, this model brings the patronage into the studio and allows the artist to focus on his/her practice. At no point will we charge artists any fees.


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